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A bet that four or more horses win, or are placed (each way), in separate races run on the same day. The winnings on the first horse go onto the second and then onto the third, fourth and so on. It is also possible to bet on four or more sports events on different days, including major horse races advertised ante-post. (Also described as four timers, four-folds, five timers, five-folds etc).

Ante-post Prices

Odds offered before the day of the race.

Any to Come

The linking of a bet to the outcome of an earlier bet. For example, if you back horse A, only if this horse wins does a bet on horse B go ahead.


All weather, fibre-sand track.


A boy rider apprenticed to a racing stable until he is aged 25 or until he has ridden 95 winners.

Betting Forecast

A best guess in newspapers as to the likely starting prices in a race.


The most popular card game played in casinos. The non-casino version is also known as vingt-et-un or pontoon. Also refers to the best hand you can get in the game, which comprises of an ace plus a ten or a picture card.

Burlington Bertie


Betting Ring

The main area at a racecourse where bookmakers' boards are displayed.

Betting Shops

Outlets for cash betting in the High Street or at a racecourse.

Betting Tax

Betting tax is no longer payable on bets in the UK. Prior to 2000 it used to be that deductions were payable on off-course bets. You could choose whether to pay the tax on your stake (called `tax paid-on') or on your winnings. There was no tax on bets placed at the racecourse.


A horse which is favourite but which the bookmakers nevertheless do not expect to win.

Board price

Odds listed at a bookmakers' pitch at the racecourse, or in a betting shop on a marker-board or TV screen.

Break-even Position

Price at which your gamble starts to pay off and you begin to move into profit.

Buy the Index

Type of bet in spread betting whereby you gamble that an index based on the possible outcomes of an event will finish above the upper limit of the spread.

Card Counting

Practice which can be applied to the game of blackjack. Involves estimating the probability of future cards being turned up from the pack. Relies on keeping a mental record of the cards already gone.

Coincidence Bet

Where the bet is based on a coincidence; e.g. the horse Airborne winning the Derby just after the Second World War.

Combination Betting

Selecting any number of runners in one race to finish first and second in either order. To calculate how many bets there are, simply multiply the number of selections by one number less; i.e.
   3 selections is 3 x 2 = 6 bets
   4 selections is 4 x 3 = 12 bets
   5 selections is 5 x 4 = 20 bets

Come Out Roll

In the dice game of craps, the first throws of the dice. Winners and losers are decided if the dice sum to 7 or 11 (called natural ) or 2,3 or 12 (called craps).

Conditions Race

A race in which horses carry the same weight according to sex. They may be penalised by the adding of weight for races previously won or given allowances for age (called `weight for age').


Casino game in which players in turn take on the role of 'shooter' by throwing two dice - the other players place bets on the outcome of the throws.

Credit Betting

Betting on credit by telephone.
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